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plays? melvin mora, he has grounded out. 1-0 count on melvin. >> buck: the uniforms, they're paying homage to the great teams. obviously since then they have changed their entire logo and everything. >> gary: they look so natural, don't they? you're so used to seeing the uniforms, you wouldn't even think about it. >> buck: i forgot all about it. >> gary: a two ball, one strike count. romero the last nine games, seven wins, one loss, one no decision. he has won his last three. 2-1 pitch on the way. way inside. and the count will go to 3-1. melvin trying to justify through his skipper dave trembley more playing time. .252 at the plate. only eight homers and 28 rbi's. the power numbers way down and the production numbers down. 3-1 delivery that's a base hit! and the orioles get their first base hit of the ballgame after the two powerful defensive plays. you have begun to think, ghee, maybe, but it is very early. there is a sing until the fifth. >> buck: we saw the same thing yesterday, no hits through the first four innings, ty wigginton broke it up in the fifth. this is a good pitch o
: melvin mora takes high. >> buck: i speak to terry ryan who it was the general manager at the time joe mauer was drafted and signed, and i asked him to compare wieters, because he is now scouting, and he said they're both very similar. joe pause better athlete, overall, i mean better quarterback, runs, can steal bases, and just a little smoother, but he said matt wieters knocks it out of the ballpark, that's exactly the phrase he used to describe wieters power. he said he has game-changing power, and you'll see that eventually when he becomes more comfortable. so you see the comparison of beaters to joe mauer after 60 games. beaters is holding his own. it took mauer a while to develop the power, and you hope that same would be true with matt wieters. >> jim: you like to see the youngster -- they're all a little timid when they first get here, they want to keep in their place and not say too much too early, but let's face it, the young guys are taking over this team, and the sooner they step forward and become leaders, the better it is for the orioles. 2-2 on mora. and mora is down
will catch. melvin mora, michael aubrey, four-game hitting streak he's hit in each of the at-bat and cesar izturis shortstop. armando gabino, fastball, slider, changeup. he has made the transition this year from a reliever to a start. you can see he's work out of the stretch. that reflects his bullpenbackand he's the 14th triple-a player from the rochester red wings to play for the twins this year. >> jim: 25-year-old out of the dominican republic and roberts takes down and in, 1-0. brian brings a two-game hitting streak into tonight's game. batting average overall now at .294. he drove in the orioles only run last night with yet another double and he takes high, ball two. >> buck: armando gabino's record from triple-a. last two starts 2,-0 with an e.r.a. under 2.00. he happened to be the hottest pitcher down there so he gets the spot. they've taken a beating in their starting rotation with injuries. >> jim: there's a strike taken by roberts, 2-1. brian has four hits in his two-game hitting streak. 4-8. he said some kind of a road trip ahead of gabino, 2-1. hard-hit ball right to the short
melvin mora. >> jim: halladay has not yet had a thee-up, three dunn inning. he did have a three-batter inning in the 1st when izturis singled but that was erased on the double play. here is luke scott who drove in the orioles' first run with an rbi single. he takes a strike. luke has only two extra base hits since the all-star break. both of those hits doubles. hard hit ball to first. right there is millar, goes down on a knee and gets up. halladay has a 3 up, 3 down inning. scott and the birds trail by 2. now that college is a few years behind me, it seems i've got three times the bills i used to. and they're getting in the way of things i'd like to do. with the money bar, i can move my money around instantly, so when there's more bills than usual, it's no problem. and i use the wish list to put any extra money aside for anything i want. being in control of my money feels good. introducing the virtual wallet from pnc, a high-definition, online view of your money. pnc. leading the way. all the way to the home, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... whic
back the other way. it will be a single. so nick markakis is on with a base hit. melvin mora. melvin has a three-game hit streak. melvin had a 3-4 in the ballgame last night. the orioles down early by a score of 2-0. he is trying to get him back and that sweeping pitch is down low for a ball. 2-0. the o ease watts have continued the pound them out. they have been picking up hits here in ballgames, especially at home. they're going to need them against carmona if he is going to witch them in this game the way he has over his last pho starts since being recalled from the minors. melvin mora takes it in the air to center field. markakis will tag. nick will head, and the throw is too strong. he's got to go back. good arm of sizemore, and melvin mora, the fly ball out. one away. mora gave ate ride, but to the deepest part of the ballpark. luke scott comes in with a four- game hit streak. luke had a 1-4 in the ballgame last night getting the start at first base. cleveland rotates the infield putting the shift on here. i mean putting the shift on. and he hits into it. and he's got a base hi
'm out of here. i am out of here. don't need that. melvin mora. mora grounded out but got an rbi his first time up, with the now infamous shot off the bottom of the bat. that will be outside. >> jim: that's a novel way to use the lumber.   >> jim: well, are you letti him hit right here? yep. should you have let him hit? i think with chad moeller on deck, you probably do. >> jim: i agree. our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at southwest.com.  >> gary: another great day the orioles summer camp today. matt wieters was on hand to do some coaching, and chris was there, and met with the kids, signed some autographs. and just generally had a good time for the o's and for the youngsters. the orioles summer camp at parks schools taking place today. there goes mark ellis. >> jim: just a curveball that gets away. of course he lined
latinoamericanos. por los orioles los venezolanos melvin mora de 3-0 con una impulsada, cesar izturis de 3-1 con una anotada. en el otro partido los nacionales cayeron por 8- 1 ante los bravos de atlanta. maÑana se juegan partido interezantes en las eliminatorias de la concacaf sudafrica 2010.tenemos un internacionales .corea del sur se enfrenta a [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 6 anhos esta abuelita de carolina del sur decidio aventurarse haciendo parasailing......ahi lo tienen......pauline sherman nunca manejo un auto y es la segunda vez en su vida que sube a un bote....y que mejor companhera para esta aventura que su nieta que se llevan 79 anhos de diferencia...... asi que nunca es tarde parhacer lo que realmente a uno le gusta.......
, inning for the reliever pitcher. nice defense, melvin mora. en route to an orioles,' 7-5 victory. game 2, orioles blue jays to be shown right here tomorrow at 1:00. >>> ravens training camp from westminster. o'neal cousins fell hard. hurt hition leg. hurt his leg. la darius webb not so happy. >> they are trying to get the best out of me. which i love it. i always want to be the best. to be the best you have to play with the best and against the best and i got the best with my team, you know. >> and that's our best sound bite. [ laughter ] >>> gotta want to be the best to be the best. thank you, stan. >>> it takes a lot of hard work to get to the pga. is there a future tiger woods in this bunch? that's next. >>> donations are starting to trickle in from people hoping to save the city police department's mounted patrol unit. earlier this week, "eyewitness news" broke the story that city budget cuts may force the department to do away with it. according to the baltimore sun, only $a 50 donations have come in. 2,000 is needed. >>> shots of 4! could be heard today. over 144 players of all age
-5 road campaign. against the indians, brian roberts out of the lineup, a little banged up. melvin mora swatd that pitch out of the park. he ties the game up at one apiece. later on, 7th inning, matt wieters connecting on his 5th home run of the season. an opposite field tater that put the birds up 4-2. andy marte smashes the ball out of the park, two-run home run, cleveland surges ahead, and johnson blows the save. the orioles lose by 5-4. with that, this reminder, it's masn on wjz this weekend, orioles- indians saturday at 7:00 here on wjz. >>> in chicago, bottom 7, wild pitch, derrek lee trying to score, but he's tagged. the nats win 5-4. >>> football, tonight before the game in philly, a show of support, and those opposed to quarterback michael vick's presence in philly. his on-field debut after being reinstated, this following two years of prison time for financial dog fighting. against jacksonville tonight he was four of four for 19 yards and carried the ball one time. don't forget to catch nfl football tomorrow night at 8:00 when the washington redskins host those new england pat
performance of david hernandez. we will remember the home run from melvin mora. we will also remember the mammoth home run off the bat of brad wheaters. we'll remember the bad pitch that gave up the game-winning home run to the cleveland indians, a game they should not have won but they did. stay tuned tonight. >>> what would you do with $325 million? come on. no megamillion winners on tuesday. the jackpot is just swelling out of control right now. now it's up to $325 million. come on. what will do you with that? go to your tv screen at 11:00 and who knows. >> it's been a while since maryland's hit. >> how about somebody from funkstown out in washington county. >> i like it. >> or kent county. >> i say baltimore. >> graysonville. >> flint stone. >> out in western maryland. give me a town. where? parkton? they live enough. >> crownsville. >> there you go. come on. all right. keep it in the state. laurel. all right. you'll be hard pressed to find anyone without a cell phone. >> we have advice from parents to keep the child's cell phone bill down. >>> very scary moments for students o
beckham with a ground earn. melvin mora throws it into the dugout. two oriole errors to start the bottom half, the sox would tie this one up at one. top of 3 the 0s you up one now. rye mel's 2th home run of the season make it 4-1. fee hicks be yay who came in replace joins ends up being for the best. he hits a bomb solo shot to right. his fourth of the year. had a pair of r.b.i.s in the game. 5-1 birds. bottom 5 though chicago the-out rally off jason burke et. scott podsednik, brent middle bridge who walked and stole a base to add another made it 5- 3. but he had lost 11 of his last 12 decisions gets jim thome on the high strike. goes giving up just two earned. turns it over to the bullpen which has been awesome. cam mca lie i don't with 96 miles per hour heat blows away pod some nick, he went a perfect inning anna third. then danys baez comes on in the eighth, he was fantastic, gets alex rios, one of two strikeouts in just an inning of work for baez. and then jim johnson, far from perfect. gives up one run, has the tying run on second, gets out of it. gets mark kotsay for the final out.
's the game winner. four losses in a row for the o's. a 6-5 heart breaker in detroit. third base man melvin mora warmed up but did not play for the fourth time in five games. did he meet with manager dave tremblay before the game. both claim they have smoothed out their differences after mora claim the manager treated him with disrespect. >>> of note, an alarming sight off the field, a limping linebacker, terrell suggs moving slowly nursing what he calls a minor heel injury, but not a big deal. he expects to be practicing again soon after he missed two straight days. among the day's highlights, joe flacco will drop back and go deep to demetrius williams. ravens are back on the field tomorrow morning at 8:45. check out the action at new york jets camp. a number of fights broke out. the new coach, rex ryan, the former ravens coordinator, called it rock 'em sock 'em robots. he told them to save their aggression. finally, after a rainout at pocono yesterday, victory in the cards today for denny hamlin. his first win in 50 races. o's will try it again in detroit tomorrow night. >> thank you, mar
around to score easily. melvin mora was being sent home. pay close attention. because mora is going to be -- there you go play at the plate. aubrey, third on the throw. aubrey family in the crowd. tied at 6. in the ninth inningch redskins have two more days of practice. friday night's game. against the patriots. this will be the most accurate test that the team has seen so far. give them an indication of how far they have come. another chance for those trying to earn playing time. really about the starters. the first team will play a half. and the redsks are preparing for a fight. in ashburn. carlos rogers having fun today. wasn't able to practice. still nursing his swollen half. hopes to play friday. isn't sure. meanwhile, running back, rock cartwright, number 31. sat out because of a groin issue. little concerned about this. not normally a guy that misses practice. didn't want to push it. as for veterans like london fletcher grinding it out in practices all week. isn't taking it easy as far as this game is concerned. time to really show what they have. because you know, you are go
, the bad and the ugly for august 30th. we start with the good, best excuse me, rbi, the o's melvin mora. look where that hits his bat. right off the knob and it bounces into fair territory and scores a run, despite the fact that mora never swung. that's called an economy movement. best job of self-preservation, braveser mike gonzalez. how the heck did he catch that? his eyes were closed the whole way. baseball is a game of inches and he was about an inch from getting decapitated. child's best imitation of the pros. half time of the packers preseason game, they had a pee wee football game. this little guy scores a touchdown, the lambeau leap. if brett favre had gone back to the packers, he'd need an assist too. best job keeping your at-bat alive, take a look at that swing again. that's ger arrow. this ball bounces and he still manages to pull it off. best death-defying catch by a fan. this is in milwaukee, bill hall hits the tape measure home run out to center here. but watch the guy in the upper deck, full extension over the railing, hanging into the abyss, and he brings it back in. tha
. he's showing bunt trying to get melvin mora to move in, but melvin won't do it. melvin started to charge as the bat was around, but then he went right back to the spot he was playing. >> buck: again, it's mauer's first look at mickolio so showing that bunt gives him a real good look at what mickolio's velocity and movement are right now. >> jim: swings through it 2-2. from melvin mora's perspective, mauer has a career high 25 home runs. if he wants to bunt, go ahead and do it. mcneil melvin didn't bite at all. 2-2 on mauer. hard-hit ball right to izturis. low throw scooped by michael aubrey. nicely done. one away in the ninth inning. here is an update on the voting for the at&t player of the game and michael aubrey with the three rbi night just made a nice play leading markakis and brian matusz. still time for you to text inyour vote and have your voice heard a, b or cr to 51862 and results final on "o's xtra". so, michael aubrey getting some attention. here is morneau 1-4 with a solo home run. hard-hit ball right to roberts to plays the hop. both balls this inning have been sm
brought to you  by -- corona. let's look at the top five plays for the orioles, number 5, melvin mora makes a great play down the third base line and the base hit to end the 6th inning in minnesota earlier this week. -- moving to play number 4 wednesday, jason lines a broken- bat single off the ball of jim johnson and charges and bare hands it. in the bottom half of the 9th inning. number three on tuesday, makes a sensational running catch in center field to retire carlos gomez in the bottom half of the second inning and on number two, the terrific catch. and matt laporta in the 8th inning. great defensive plays by the orioles and number one occurred last night and missed five games with back spasms. adam jones above the center field guam and -- wall and for a home run and great defense by the orioles, a great job of finding the plays by jim hunter jr. who is doing a great job put that package together. the top 5 plays for the orioles this week. time for a look at the starting pipers and begin with brian madis and the orioles, rick. >> brian has to getnast oat north balls, the right-h
. roberts, jones and markakis, with huff at first base. reimold back to the number 5 spot, melvin mora at third. he's coming on. chad moeller and cesar izturis, but this today is all about nick markakis, doubled last night, but he's slowly beginning to get on one of those hot nick markakis streaks. >> well, he is in the middle of a hot nick markakis streak. .323 since the all-star break, nine doubles, five home runs and 21 rbi's is hot for me. he didn't get that hit his first time up. he usually gets three or four when he does, but nick markakis is being what nick is, we, very consistent. when he is not swinging at the ball out of the strike zone, he is definitely one of the best hitters in all of baseball. if you leave it hanging up there for him. not what you'd call your basic home run hitter, but he will hurt you going the other way quite a few times. >> the orioles tonight looking to bounce back after dropping last night's opener 9-1. we'll look back at last night's outing and the performance by jeremy guthrie who lost his fourth consecutive start. ♪ @@00 ♪ tell m
back out and pitch the 9th. a little ball hit to third. melvin mora has t he will get aaron hill. we'll see if halladay comes out. a double and a man left. we head to the 9th inning. the orioles need 4 to tie. xxúú . >> jim: other yoalses baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at southwest.com. it turned into a lovely day along the shores of lake ontario but the orioles trail by 4 going into the 9th and we have the answer to our question. halladay will not look for his 6th complete game on the year because here is jason frasor coming on to protect the four- run lead. >> buck: and frasor picked up the win in yesterday's win. he has six wins on the season. he has taken over the role of the closer. this is not a save opportunity, obviously. frasor comes on to celebrate his birthday here, trying to wrap this series win up. >> jim: he was acquired in a trade with the dodgers with jason werth. the orioles traded jayson werth -- drafted werth. they traded him to the blue jays who traded him to the dodgers. and he has as soon as bin traded to the phillie
-1 the win streak over. >>> camden yards. second inning. melvin mora trying to check his swing but hits the ball off the knob of his bat. fair ball. nobody realizes. easiest r.b.i. ever. difference because the os win 3- 2. >>> football now. jim zorn may be a risk taker but not until the season begins which is why between clinton portis, santana moss, the redskins will have the highest paid collection of clipboard holders in the history of football this thursday night. zorn announcing today three players along with randy thomas and jeremy bridges will be scratches for the preseason opener in baltimore. some of the guys nagging injuries but for others like portis, he just hates the preseason and zorn is obliging. >> the thing about him, he will be ready to go. if i put him in he will go. and he will give you his best effort. i'm not concerned about how much he plays or how much he doesn't play but just like last year i didn't play him in the first game. i probably will do the same. >> as far albert haynesworth. he came with lots of baggage. he has been dead set on repairing his image some
to right. matt wieters rumbles in. melvin mora comes around to score as well. the o's would lead 3-0 after cesar single. brian gives up 3 runs. bottom 3, justin morneau gone. his 29th. the o's though still led 4-3. top 6, 5-3 now. luke scott at the plate. with a 2-out sing toll right. nick markakis who had walked went to second on a wild pitch, scores. scott was nailed out in the rundown. but the o's led 6-3. brian bascom on the 6 gives up 3 runs without recording an ounce. delmon young scores. the twins would eventually tie it at 6. bottom of the 8th, orlando cabrera at the plate. cesar goes deep in the hole. strong throw. they're in the bottom of the 9th right now. this game is tied at 6 apiece. >>> bart scott went from undrafted free agent to the pro bowl with rex ryan as his offensive coordinator with the ravens. it's no shock he's got rex's back. after the loss last night, he said rex, quote, was the head coach of that team last year whether you guys know it or not. i wonder what john harbaugh thinks. rex must have enjoyed coaching the ravens defense much more than facing it. the rave
. 3-4 on the road trip. now, melvin mora dominated the game last night defensively. rick, it seemed like he was putting on a cline iek he really was. he put on quite a show. melvin mora is one of the best at going to his right in all of major league baseball. you can see whenever he has to go that way, he has nice rhythm, nice timing a good 360 move he has right here. watch this play right here. good, strong throw. he uses the astroturf to his benefit. he knows not to try to make the long throw in the air for fear of throwing over to the first baseman's head so he bounce it is to first base. he takes advantage of that very spongy turf right there. he was exceptional. again, melvin mora with three big defensive plays that certainly helped that pitching staff and saved a lost extra pitches. >> a lot of agility for melvin mora. >> he did. >> no doubt about that. when we come back, we'll take a look at the orioles and minnesota twins starting lineup. that comes up next when "o's xtra" brought to you by at&tcontinues in a -- "o's xtra" continues in a moment. >>> "o's xtra" pregame being
strong, allowing just two runs. bottom 2, melvin mora off laffey. who is laughing now. mora's fifth of the season, just get others the fence. that tied the game at 1 apiece. bottom 6, tied at 2. luke scott. what a sweet swing. off the wall in right center field. mora, on first. chugging around, with 2 out. scores all the way. the o's lead 3-2. bottom 7, matt wieters, going the other way. just a second home run of august. fifth of his career. the o's led 4-2. it was 4-3 in the 9th. jim johnson gets the first 2 outs. but not the 3rd. andy marte, deep to left. nolan reimold does not get a good jump on it. 2-run shot, the o's lose 5-4. jason berken pitches tomorrow. >>> mark clayton won't play tomorrow night in south carolina. he is practicing after hurting his hamstring, but the ravens don't want to risk anything. >>> graham ganoe, a 47-yarder monday night, wide right. he is now one of three in the preseason. stephen hauschka, is a perfect 3-3. but matt stover is still out there. and john harbaugh knows it. >> in the equation. and yes, that we're prepared to go with one of the two guys
. leads the al with 1-0 o's. bottom of the 5th, chris tillman getting help from his defense. melvin mora going deep, and bounces the throw over to the out. tillman strong through 5. but the wheels came off in the 6th after a lead-off triple by alexis. a wild pitch ties the game at 1. tillman pulled after loading the bases. jason against hendrickson. a fly ball to left gives the twins a 2-1 lead. bottom 9, walked 2 straight. matt wieters goes down swinging. twins win 2-1 that i play again tomorrow night at 8. >>> and finally, over the weekend, a pretty touching time as nick adenhart was honored in maryland. they named a little league field after him. pretty school stuff there. so nick adenhart was killed tragically a few months back by a drunk driver. they named the little league complex after him. a nice touch there. >> that is. >> friends and family. >>> i was thinking for the o's, the honeymoon has been over for a listening time. but for you, my friend, i hope it continues. for years to come. >> i got the ring. i will say the honeymoon, the wedding, what a great three weeks of my life.
, the bad and ugly for august 25. we start with the good. best excuse me r.b.i. the os melvin mora. watch where he hits this ball. off the knob on the handle end of the bat but it goes into fair territory. that's an r.b.i. that he got without ever swinging the bat. i think that's an economy of moving. best job of self-preservation. braves gonzalez. how did he catch that? even money his eyes were closed. they say baseball is a game of inches. he was an inch of getting decapitated. pee wee game there. little guy scoring a touchdown going for the leap. he gets the assist up there over the wall. and frankly, i think if brett favre had ever gone back to the packer he would have needed an assist because he is 80 now. >>> here is the bad. worst bat construction. whoever made this twig for seattle's mike sweeney. watch him. he hits a mammoth home run and breaks his bat over his shoulder on himself. that's more not about the bat but about mike sweeney being strong. >>> here is the frightening thing. woman in the state fair in the animal calling competition. i don't know what she is calling but it
to melvin mora, sad to see that 9 year career coming to an end. he's not playing well and when he sits, he feels disa respected --disrespected. when it comes for the game, it's not going well and the reaction to the manager won't sit well. >>> still to come tonight. >>> molesting children on tape. it happened here and the couple faces charges of possessing and filming child pornography. >>> coming up next, what investigatorrings found in a local couple's home. >> >> somewhere pair med -- paramedics announce a man dead and take it back. >>> a small tornado caused damage in a neighborhood and we'll talk to homeowners and take you inside to see the damage in the homes. >>> tonight, we're enjoying a dry evening and what's ahead for the rest of the weeks we'll have if first warning weather warning. eyewitness news starting right now. >>> wile weather,, and the cleanup on the damage and what's next. >>> hello, i'm denise koch. >> and i'm dick carter. >>> residents are still dealing with the after math of the weekend of storms when tornadoes cupped down. we're againing with derek valcourt.
needed. he did very well. one play to remember, i hope we have this -- melvin mora is at-bat, knocked in a run without leaving the batter's box. we'll try to get this later but the ball hit off the bottom of his bat, he goes the other way, ball goes one way, we score a run, the orioles win. 1:35 at the yard later today. >>> fenway park last night looked more like a wwe match. kevin youkilis, i got him! he hit him in the back of the -- one of these. and the bench is emptied out. a lot of pushing and shoving. both players were thrown out of the game. >> those things get crazy. >> watch this angle. >> i love it. >> throws the helmet at him and makes the tackle. it's like ray lewis. >> i think it's a good diversionary tactic. hit him with the helmet first. throw him off guard and there you go. >>> coming up next here on "good morning maryland" - >> police need your help to find someone who did something terrible. they threw away a dog. >> and a car that could get you from baltimore to ocean city and back. using only two gallons of gas. >>> plus, a bear on display in a store window. why i
for the organization also a story for the orioles today, but not in the same kind of light. melvin mora, the o's longest tenured player lashed out at tafe trembley for what he calls disrespect. he says he sits on burch empl bench a lot and deserves better, saying he played through play. right now he says those who hit play. >> top inwould, it was j.d. drew at the bat. trust me. to the wall it goes, bases loaded. boston up 3-0. bottom three, a 7-0 lead. back come the orioles. ty wigginton, a two-run shot, and it is a 7-6 game. interesting until the next inning. top four, victor martinez, his first weekend with the red sox, memorable. that falls in. he had five hits in the game, two in that inning. the red sox score seven in the fourth. 18-10 is your final. the yankees winless against the reds and white sox this season. cabrera doing something about it. a three run shot, 3-0 yanks. top nine, then cabrera, smokes to right, and dye taking a horrible angle to the boy. melky takes advantages and legs out a triple, the final component for him hitting a cycle, first yankee to do so in 14 years. new yo
the burrlander and the tigers in first place. veteran mora -- melvin mora not in the lineup again tonight. he was benched and he says it's time to leave after he's been disrespected. >> i tried to give it all i had and now, this year, i don't think, i think i deserve more respect than here. >> you show up to the ballpark and you expect to play. you do the best you can all of the time. if you don't play, you stay prepared to play. it's about the team, it's never about one guy. >> reporter: he's 37 years old and his struggles this year make it unlikely that the orioles will pick up the option year for next year. >>> we'll kick it to football. another day of training camp workouts for the ravens. there was a list of injured nonparticipants. terrell suggs is moving slowly with a boot on his left foot to protect a minor heel injury and he says no big deal. with a new contract, the all star pass rusher is the highest player on the team and he says money doesn't make him important. >> players aren't defined by their salaries but by what they're doing on the field. my role don't change, i'm not even
a little more. >> the ravens continue camp tomorrow morning 8:45 a.m., open to the public. >>> melvin mora may get his wish. the longest tenured oriole tells the media this weekend he feels he is being disrespect and his time in baltimore may be coming to the end. she out of the lineup again for the fourth time in five games. >>> and finally, it's not yet official, but brian mattis will likely make his big league debut tomorrow because he actually arrived at comerica park in detroit this afternoon. he didn't speak to the media. mattis was 7-0 with a 1.55 era at aa bowie. that's exciting stuff to see what he's got. chris tillman makes his second big league start tonight in a first of a four-game series with the tigers. highlights on that on the latest at 11. >> thanks, rob. >>> a pretty night to be at a game tonight. let's take a look at the inner harbor. we've got the sailboats out there. norm is coming back with another look at the forecast. take a look, no, we're not? oh no. we'll just have norm when we come back. r's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedi
6-5. >>> melvin mora may get his wish. he told the press he feels he being disrespected and his time in baltimore may end. >>> stay with us. everyone, we want to you meet the glam squad. ♪ >> the orioles mights want to recruit them for some help there. heading to the national championship. >>> and quite a bumpy ride for continental airlines. hear from some of the injured passengers on board that plane. >>> let's take a live look. 68 degrees as we start on this tuesday morning. >>> time for a check on the ride into work with mta's mark jones. >> good morning. light rail is about 20 minutes late southbound to bwi. be aware of that. metro looks good. marc train, no delays reported on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. on the bus system, number 8 with a 10-minute delay and 17 diverted at nursery and winterson. construction still on the scene. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. lysol dual action disinfecting wipes. they go beyond ordinary wipes because they have two different sides. a scrubbing side with built in fibers that lifts tough messes and a wiping side that kills 99
. melvin mora, did he get a hit or get hit? it's the former, not the latter. a fair ball. take another look. the o's win 3-2. drama in boston. top of the 1st. miguel came by a is hit on the -- cabrera is hit on the hand. wee have to leave the hand. they retallity. -- retaliate. throws his hat [ inaudible ] take another look because when you're gog after a pitcher, one of the first things the tell you to do is take a helmet and whip it at his head. if you miss it -- he went on the attack. right now 7-3 boston. wnba mystics lose to detroit 81- 77. i'm dave feldman. brian is back right after this. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calcating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and ter country usa... where family-fun to a surrounds yoyou...n at busch gardens... and rld-class rides astoun start at buschgardens.com. aler: during the autobahn r all event, you can get great deals. it's perfect. i just want to make sure is the right decision. future..s? we got here as quick as we could. look it's the cc. you n't pafor scheduled maintence, you get the car of your dr
-shirt. for your tickets, 888-848-birds or online at orioles.com. melvin mora takes strike 1. melvin has a batting average of .250. he has a modest two-game hitting streak going. when this road trip began, the orioles were third in the league in team batting. mora late on that swing. 0-2. and the struggles against the tremendous pitching they have seen on this trip, the orioles are now fifth in the league in team batting. they dropped two spots. >> buck: that's a sub stages drop this late in the season with the team getting so many at-bats but they ran into great pitching in detroit. the same here in toronto. >> jim: ground ball towards the middle, off the glove of aaron hill. that's into centerfield for a base hit. huff goes to third. so by hitting the glove, it slowed the ball down and allowed huff to go to third base. >> buck: mora goes right up the middle and gets the ball past halladay. he does a good job staying inside. hill gets a piece of it, kind of slow it is down. that allows aubrey huff to go around second to go to third. heads up piece of base running. >> jim: so melvin gets a base hi
out. izturis took over defensively. the orioles have only melvin mora left on the bench. the angels have all four of their bench players still available, mike scioscia has not yet made a move with his lineup. here's a weak ground ball right side going to the bag inside. so izturis gets his brother cesar izturis. we are heading to the eleventh. tied at 8. in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'. and then if your bag wants to bring one of its little bag friends for company, they charge another $25. that's just plain mean. why do they hate your bags? at southwest airlines, bags fly free. grab your bag. it's on! ( ding )  >>> well it questions to the eleventh inning and now it is up to the bull pens as this game is tied 8-8 and jim johnson stays on for a second inning. we have a three up three down tenth. when the orioles come up in the bottom of the eleventh it is matt to the top of the lineup. johnson will go to work here on izturis bobby abreu and juan rivera. izturis just got his brother on a nice play at first base. even though they played wednesday afternoon in anaheim. he said his
-- melvin mora. snagging, spinning and slinging. final score, minnesota, twins 2, orioles 1. >>> starting pitcher on the mount for the birds. will be brian mat matusz. he will be opposed by armando gabino. >>> finally, big trade in baseball today. all-star closer, billy wagner on his way to the mets to the boston red sox. he is a real good pitcher. and they expect a lot of him. highlights from the orioles coming up tonight at 11:00. and a whole lot more. >> absolutely. >> we'll be right back. >>> just a reminder, be sure to tune in to the cbs crimetime lineup. it's another episode of the mentalist. >>> welcoming all types of visitors. lizards, designed to take over one of the city's parks. this is the wrong video. those are the folks who are living in the nursing home. but those who -- here's the video. they don't mind people sharing the space. park official says a well- stocked fish pond is good for the reptiles. >>> and finally tonight, it was a very special day for two arizona women, both of whom were over 100 years old. the two residents celebrated their birgsds together. the elder of
. watch it. rock steady man, melvin mora. spinning, slinging a bounce past the first. and the runner is nailed. pardon me. final score from minnesota, twins, 2, orioles 1. >> that's all we wrote for 5:00. but coming up at 6:00, we'll have a lot more, including a big baseball trade, involving, well, not that man, but a gentleman who can make things happen on the diamond. >> thanks, stan. >>> still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. >>> have to tell them we're sick and tired of the game. >> i'm mike hellgren. the real impact of massive budget cuts. >> it's terror. it's absolute terror. complete cove >>> coming up at 6:00. we have breaking news. a live report coming up. >>> painful cuts. the governor reveals his plan to reduce the budget deficit. he's note just talking furloughs anymore. >>> unsettling new details unfoild about the man fund dead inside his baltimore county home. the man who owned and operated this shop here on reisterstown road. the latest on the investigation is next on eyewitness news. >>> a toxic mix. why michael jackson's doctor says the coroner's office is wro
's melvin mora. take a look at where the ball hits the bat. it hits off the knob on the handle of the bat. that's a fair ball and it scores a run, even though he didn't ever swing. that's an economy of movement right there. best job of self-preservation. we seen comebackers before. how does he catch that? they say baseball is a game of inches and he was an inch of becoming decapitated. that is cool with the reflexes. best child's immages of the pros. a little peewee game going on. he scores a touchdown and goes directly for the lambeau leap. so he makes it up. you know, if brett favre came back to the packers, he would need an assist. best job keeping your at bat alive. look at the angels, he hits this ball after it bounces in the dirt. they say that he will swing at anything and apparently he will swing at anything. best death defying catch by a fan in milwaukee, bill hall hits the tape measure home run. i want you to watch the guy in the upper deck out there. full extension over the railing into the abyss. watch it again and that could have ended two different ways and one of them invol
, it comes down to a principal. i know melvin mora talked about it about going to the mobbed about telling the pitcher. one of the principles never really to try to throw any hitter inside, and especially in today's game when you're behind in the count because you don't want to give them an opportunity to know what is coming and be able to pull the ball that's what happened last night with jim johnson. he threw the fastball in and marte hits the ball out of the ballpark for a two-run home run. there's other games, too, where the game will be trying to steal second base on a hit and run or a straight steal and they don't look back at the hitter to see whether or not the hitters going -- hitter is going to make impact. once they hear the crack of the bat, they don't know which way to go. it's little thins like that that can cost you a lot of ballgames and really make the game that much more difficult because it's hard to accept one- run also losses all the time when little things like that break down. >> so it is not only the fundamentals of the game, it is executing the fundamentals of the
. swung on and miss bid mora. melvin with a big cut off of romero. romero is throwing strikes, i tell you that right now. everything is in there, and ahead on these hitters. two down and nobody on. melvin will take it inside for a ball. >> buck: and looking at ricky romero, a little bit of agarra comes to mind. very good delivery, good fastball up in zone. we have seen a slow breaking ball and a changeup already in this game. >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the way. that one right back to the mound. romero stabs it and gets the out. i can pitch and i can also play defense. another 1-2-3 inning. six in a row retired, overbay, wells and rios. ♪ ♪ new degree men's deodorant. mind-blowing fragrances. continues to be a very special beer. six weeks after jim started the business it took the best beer in america award. nobody had tried an american beer that had that kind of flavor. twenty years off, jim is still obsessed with boston lager. sam adams lager continues to win medals all over the world. that's pretty cool. all the way to the home, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the hom
's right. he has made some unbelievable great plays. brooks is the best every, but melvin mora is pretty darn good. >> now, the twins also had some great defensive plays tonight. one of them almost ended up in the seats with span. >> oh, span got a great jump on a ball down the left filed line, and watch how fast he goes for this ball. even though he's getting close to that bullpen, never braves stride. he catches it right into that little bullpen area that they have right there. he bangs against the wall. sits down, says you guys have a drink for me over here. >> ? watch this play here by casilla. he manages to get felix pie on this play. he has to really get up very quick, and throw a bullet to first base to get him. he manages to do that. felix pie, i don't know why he was beginning to round the bag at first base. it took a half a stride away from him. he had to slow up to do that. i can't figure it out. that's why steps i say i don't know if pie is totally in the game all the time. me has a lot of talent and a lot of fun to watch, but he does some things that are a little bit weird
. there's melvin mora flied out the first time up and takes the ball low for a ball. 1-1, one away. melvin had a one for 4 ball game last night hitting .2 85. heres a game played in 1916 on this date at fenway park in boston. two pitchers, 13 innings. 1-0 final. the senators again the redstones. >> babe ruth. >> yeah. and a base hit by mora. and babe ruth was pitching for the red sox and for the senators, walter johnson. how about that. i didn't see 245. you didn't look -- i didn't see that. >> you didn't look. before the babe was the swinging babe at the plate he pitched and he was a good one. walter johnson, the big train. both members of hall of fame. they went against each other at fenway and came away with a 1-0 win. >> that was the dead ball era. >> used the same ball as you mentioned. >> same ball the whole game probably flue don't know that. >> i know they used stuff. you could use the spitter. but, when the ball in the stand you keep it. >> there was a time when fans returned the baseball to the field and it was continued in play. they didn't have enough baseballs. >> here's pie,
and that will bring up mora. melvin wants to see the bat going against this ball club because he has always done well against them. hitting 273 in the month of august. not bad. in the last three seasons against this los angeles team a 378 average. two on and two down. and mora will take it inside for a ball. that's 24 pitches thrown by weaver in the first inning. >> two strike outs. he is at least on his pace to strike out, he has done it in the last two 11 but you want to throw this much when you have this two run lead. >> 1-0 on the way. mora taking down low. >> i did his first game in the big leagues, only about 77 innings in the minor leagues and then went up to the big leagues and he didn't through this farah cross. he turned it back. >> the pitch in for a strike and it goes to 2-1. >> he has been a great thing for this team. >> a lot has to do with the run support. >> here is the 2-1 on the way. mora fouling that one back. tried to tee up on one. 2-2. >> again the third base side. look where he is stepping. he steps at more and this then melvin gets a good pitch and foul it's off. they
the clash before clashing and taking a seat into the bull pen. what a play. carlos gomez to 3rd, melvin mora stars the 5-4, 3. it turned about the the birds overnight. the inning triple tillman, and castillo scores from 3rd and the game is tied at 1. later in the inning bases now loaded, he flies one to left field, knowing rhine bolt makes the catch but that scores, twins lead it 2-1 and they beat the orioles by the same score. >>> that's a look at your morning sports. i'm 10 berset kristen berset. fox 45 morning news. >>> up next balancing the maryland's budget means more furloughs for state workers. how many days state employees will be forced to take. >> reporter: the terps are looking for big things at college park. but something on the >>> 7:31 is the time. i'm patrice harris. a cool start to the morning. meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell us if it will stay that way throughout the day. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, we will warm up nicely but i say nicely because without the humidity it will feel comfortable to get into the mid-to upper 80s. i like. >> you will like. as
'm getting pounded in the or's extra challenge whorks do you watch. >> melvin mora. i think tonight he will rise to the occasion. all of his friends, probably tell him what's coming. >> my pick is matt, the switch hitter. finally a chance to bat left handed against the right hander. if you paid attention 21 hits in 18 games for him. >> i hope it's a battle. i want it to go down to that last at bat. both guy was three rbis each. >> thank you for joining us. stay tuned. gary and jim next. they have the play-by-play. we are back with the post game. the angels and/or or with a four game series. come on down and join us. we will see you later.
. allegheny high in cumberland leaves the pitch in the middle of the play. melvin mora puts it in the 5th for the home run. that is the 5th of the year and the game is tied at. luke scott, racks one, to deep right center. that is going to stay in the ballpark, but it's off-the-wall. mora comes around to score the go ahead run and the orioles take a 3-2 lead. the bottom of the 7th they add insurance. matt jeter goes deep the on day. birds up, 4-2. top of the 9th, 2-3. jim johnson, but andy marty has other plans. deep to left. it lands on the first row of seats for the two run homer. the independent yand indianaiant the orioles. 5-2. >>> later on fox 45 morning news, weaking up to heavy rain, thunder and lightning, the damage an early storm left behind. >>> i'm joel d smith at fox 45 fair day >>> good morning, and welcome back to fox fry morning news. i'm megan gilliland. you're waking up to the remnants of what was wicked weather overnight. if you didn't hear it, there was thunder. if you didn't see the lightning, there was plenty of that and a lot of overnight rain. we will show you the d
condition get it. it will get by him. mora will have a double. >> jim: nice night. melvin the first time he tried to hit one over abreu's head and he made a nice play. right here can't get it to. the ball tailing away. you can see that bobby can steal bases but not that speedy in the outfield. melvin on for a double. one thing you leaded to, the other teams in the american league west out pitch the angels. if good pitching outdoes good hitting that's what will happen in the playoff. >> one of beautiful things about this season if you love baseball and things that are not suppose to happen. texas is out pitching the angels. who would have said that at the start of the year. >> jim: nolan ryan. >> gary: yes, he d. he said you better or i'm going the release you. >> jim: a different work ethic and expectation level. >> gary: orioles another chance to get to lackey with two down, runner at 2nd base. pie has lined out, hit into a fielders choice. he will take the strike, 1-1 with a runner at 2nd base. the orioles have been a hit away a number of times from cutting this lead to, you know down by
the next will be better. >> strike called as he went around on that. mora asking okay, what is the countdown? >> i think he tried -- he called him out but it's only strike two. >> mike -- behind the plate. almost like he punched out. >> just practice man. >> melvin hopes not. >> here is the 1-2 on the way that. grounded to second. on the big hop. a 1, 2, 3, inning. its orioles trying to take game one lead it. share contact info with a bump, there's an app for that. or if you just want to share some downtime, well, there's an app for that too. because there's an app for just about anything. only on the iphone. ♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy.  . >>> the game summary, jeff weaver trying to win game 13. the orioles come storming back with six run runs on six hits. then felix in the third another home run. 4th of the year. bobby -- tillman still on the mound trying to get into the mound. duff double single, two rbis. he is happy and having a nice evening in the field. whoever hes. >>
the wagons for the oregons. melvin mora picked a fight with dave trembley. he has been held out of the lineup for three days. his time in baltimore may be coming to a close. signing off. top 1, two outs two strikes, bases loaded drew off perkin. clears the bases. three-run two-out double. that's just the way the game started. 7-0 sox. in the bottom of the third, adam jones with the bases loaded, going the other way. brian roberts roberts in to score. back into it at 7-2. not done in the 3rd inning. ty wigginton off the foul pole. two-run shot for wigginton. the o's are back within a run. then it all fell apart again. matt albers coming on. victor martinez, youkilis coming in to score. 9-6. still in the 4th, victor martinez, two-out, two-strike. the drop in for two more runs. 13-6. the o's trying to come back again. adam jones, another part of his big day. solo homerun. his 18th of the çseason. made it 14-7. for every pitcher that came in, it was like gasoline on the fire. in the 9th rock a solo shot off jim johnson. the red sox go on to win 18-10. the o's in detroit for a three- game series
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